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if i had a baby girl, i think right now i'd want to name her antigone. & i'm pretty sure i could convince jenny (for example) into that name. i mentioned it on the telephone, & she seemed unsure at first, but then i said it was okay, because antigone didn't hump her dad or anything. plus, she could be called andy for short, & girls with boy's names for nicknames are cute. jenny said she'd have to be pretty for antigone to work, & i mean, duh? tall, dark, & skinny? can you say "recipe for a clock-tower of a girl for cupid to shoot arrows off of?"

now, for a boy baby, i think i can expect some serious resistance to the name godzilla. so maybe i should start with gojira? isn't nihon-deco in this season? or oh, that makes me think of the main character in snow crash. yeah, hero works as hiro in japanese, but what about villian as villianio or something in itallian or portugese or basque or something? what is the root of villian, anyhow? it makes me think of wine. good idea.

m: "so, like, nine gets easily jet-lagged on airplanes, so he needs to take a short nap as soon as we get in to your apartment, okay?"
jenny: "that sounds like a plan to just get me into bed with you."
m: "!! i'd have to be, like, an evil genius to come up with a plan that smart!"

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