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have it your way, lo-fi ninja.

some nights i dream about a political party called the insatiable who yearn only for dust & view flesh as grass to be mown. who in all respects cherish war, & no war more than the one that leads to the end of things. that do not exuse themselves with plantive seventeen hundreds (1700's) style pleas to the lord, like a bunch of lost pilgrims. that do not need to invent cardboard reasons for agression. my number one favorite girl wants to make me a t-shirt that says "keep your religion off my armageddon!" i personally want spindly awful spider legs that can only be seen by others when they arn't looking directly at me. enjoy me being terrible & creepy, you beatniks!

m caeli: i don't even know what sars is! no one will tell me.
m caeli: maybe because my "gotta catch 'em all!" attitude frightens them with its insistant masculinity.
SharpShinyClaws: Its a flu like thing that kills you if you live in a country with no medical care where you eat dirty rice and drink sewage water
m caeli: i think it maybe is more like KITT, from knightrider.

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