mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

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yo ho ho & a bottle of rum.

so, my mother has decided to pay off the rent debt that was on my credit card bill. which is weird. supremely weird. i mean, this is the clown for christ who couldn't even be bothered to go through labor, & insisted on ceasarian section. okay, that is a bit of hyperbole, since the c-section was warrented, but still. its just weird. previously to this, the nicest thing she'd ever done for me was buy me long john silvers. but for those eager jackals in the wings, don't you fret. this isn't some sign of frail human weakness in yours truely. just astonishment.

cloud: eleazor
aeris: flowergrl
tifa: antigone
barret: pirate
red xiii: hive 13
cid: dagwood
yuffie: canary
cait sith: evil sid
vincent: al capone

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