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today i saw kompressor, even if it was a day honoring the horrific time altering devising of ben franklin. kompressor made it okay by killing andreas k. & wearing his face like hannibal lecter, & also dressing like abraham lincoln, in honor of kurt kobain. the band before kompressor was boole, & the ended by covering "freebird." some jack ass yelled "freebird!" at the encore, but they were prepared! kompressor himself was a bit of a let down, which was sad after he was led to the state in full regalia, & chains. there was thirty (30) minutes in which they could not get his microphone to work, & also, he didn't wear his mask. i think that next time he should really stay off stage & let someone in the kompressor outfit be on stage. kompressor did in fact dance- he also played many covers, including "shiny happy people," "call me al" (which end with him saying "kompressor krush paul simon!"), & two renditions of "the girl from ipenema." while kompressor was singing "do not play with fire" it occured to me that its really cute that fire is so fascinating because evolution selected the humans who were most able & likely to use it. hence, that allure mechanism. much like the joke played on girls where they think boys are hot. boys are lumpy & ugly! haha, thanks for making out with us. also, i'm prettt sure that kompressor was drinking strychnine out of the bottle. phil told me that he needs twenty (20) minutes to boot up, & that one time he had sex with the olson twins.

i went to the show with filkliq, his boss gary who hated me for five minutes, because i told him that katie would cheat on him in switzerland. & then she did. monica sailor was also there, who still hates me for some nebulous reason that i'm not even sure exsisted in the first place. but that is okay. at the gary's store i won one (1) dollar at gambling again. phillip won a whole lot, & gary lost thirty-six (36). monica gave gary a blow job on the way home from lakewood- or at least pretended pretty convincingly to trick the other crazy girl that we were with, rebecca. the girls got kicked out of the phantasy, & also almost got into a fight both there & at the bar we went to afterwords. monica sailor clearly subscribes to the school of belligerant rock & roll. at the bar, i met up with renwick, lemonmerchant, xhollydayx & ras_sinister. & i of course saw batty_ there, since she was the one promoting the event.

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