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beard of bees.

sometimes i think that in order to have a cajun accent, one must simply speak in words that only end in vowels, or at least remove the consonants from the words that don't. & what is really sad about that is the fact that when ever i think of a lousiana drawl, i immediately imagine leatherneck from tmnt & gambit from the xmen having like, whatever. whatever the equivilent of tea & scones is down there. a seance, maybe. man, shit, now i'm thinking about anne rice at their party.

the reason that some girls think guys are huge liars? is because some girls are just so fucking gullible. i can't believe that they are so fucking stupid to believe some of the lies i've seen them swallow, so i have to conclude it has to do with self-deception more than anything. anyhow, the reason boys think that girls are the devil is because they are possessed by agents of true & perfect evil, every last one of them.

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