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today cortney & nine & phillip & i went to the world's largest hearing aid museum. there were some old ones disguised as glasses, or earing, or even a hair pie. my favorite was the confessionaire, which was a study hearing aid built for public use in confessionals. also included was "the history of hearing aid batteries," which was totally free! the museum even had one of those gag "over the hill" ear trumpets? but the best thing about it was that it had been sent all the way from los angeles.

then we went to the world's largest collection of babar books & memorobilia. it was in the collections & special aquisitions section of the library, which was replete with nice old books. we didn't get to look through the babar stuff long, since the archives were closing, but cortney & i found the court case that was in new york where someone tried to claim that the kingdom babar rules was not fictional, but real? lonely is the cemetary where the man who loves babar lies.

m: "but thats just the kind of guy i am."
phillip: "a scum bag?"

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