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I'm heartened by a sitcom that recognizes the ubiquity of recreational drug use.

in case i've not made it clear? i drink. i occasionally smoke other people's cigarettes. i drink a pot of cofee every two weeks or so. a few times, mostly when it was legal, i took ghb. but other than that? i'm more fucking dare to keep kids off drugs. i havn't ever smoked pot, for instance. so the notion that drug use is ever present is a funny one to me. because i mean- i'm hardly the christian kid who stays in his dorm room to avoid all the temptations of mankind. i know, you know, the kids who are all about shoving whatever they can into their nose, their lungs, their body somewhere, anywhere. & thats cool. but it doesn't intrest me. like- didn't they invent alchohol for that sort of mood? it is all sort of unfathomable. anhow, apparently my drunken love intrest really likes that television show. so i probably should take my pants off. because i fucking hate pants. & i am wearing such cute boxers, with octopuses (octopi) on them. & also, i hate the hell out of pants.

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