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jeremy: man, my girlfriend is mad she can't watch anime with me.
m: hahaha, my girlfriend is mad because she can't have sex with me!

but to be clear. the movie sin, while not being the animated porn i expected it to be, is utterly fucking bad. also, bruno's pizza is fucking with my acid reflux stomach acid acid oh god i'm a killer who has been turned into the joker through acid reflux. anyhow, jeremy is passed out on my couch & so what the fuck ever. i wish jenny was here. because. oh my god, the things i'd do to her. like, wrists tied to bar? forget that. ankles.

yeah. i know i break the unspoken lj taboo of actually admitting i have sex. only camgirls are allowed to talk about sex, apparently. & i've lost people that i thought were more than livejournalfriendslist friends over the fact that i "turned my diary into a harlequin novel." well sorry & fuck you. apparently you've never had sex thats worth mentioning in your diary. so maybe you should get a better girl or boyfriend. did i mention that my girlfriend is hotter than yours? i love her more than androids even. so fuck you, you can't even see past your self-centered decimation to discover something better. but i can. why can i? go on, ask me, you prick. i can because devesation isn't the ends or the means, its just the results. its the remainder in the action of my long division of the universe.

yeah bitches, thats right. i use math metaphors to explain my attack on exsistance & being. go on & tell me how sexy that is. i appreciate it. but you know there is only one girl who succeeded in taking care of the rabid me. & her name is jenny. & if you even look at her funny i will fucking murder you.
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