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the portrait of dorian grey hangs in my drawing room.

met up with erica at the summit-morris intersection, where i found a piece of rusty metal & wore it around me neck. then are her house she gave me a spicy peanut sauce, & then we stole phillip from his no-fast-internet woes & went adventuring. just as a prelude, i got to pull the emergency brake. then our meandering path took us down several gravel streets, including one that had award winning "most likely to fucking kill you if you try to jump them" railroad tracks. eventually we found a park that not one of us had ever been to before. as soon as possible we set off down the trail marked "no hiking." erica was frighted by the snake, but eventually we found evidence of all kinds of government hijinks. then i saw an ant hill that was, without any exageration, the largest ant-hill i have ever seen. so i poked it with a long reed, then we used team work to get cotten, which i gave to the ants, to make little sweaters out of. after that we set a trap in the woods & saw proof that steven hawking is working on the government project.

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