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missing home like its my religion.

i dragged aaron off the couch in search of our casual evening. intending to come right back home, we rented brotherhood of the wolf & swung by phillip's place to see if he wanted to come over & watch it with us. he wasn't home, but amanda was, with some girls from fashion design. well the one knows who the fuck i am, so she got up & left immediately. aaron thought it funny that my reputation preceeds me to a degree where people won't even stay in the same room as me. i think its like the artful dodger's headpiece- its old hat. so we stayed & hung out with amanda, phil's sister, & watched it there. anyhow, my one big statement about le pacte des loupe's monster is that it is so tough? it even survives being hit by a swinging log with spikes in it. that means its tougher than the predator or an at-st!

ps. gunn says the lead guitarist for the catholics dances like me.

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