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sid cobweb explains it all.

magic, yah know, is an inherantly divisive bunch of hookum. okay, sure, it can be durned effective, but see, only through processes. it doesn't require any real understanding. no like the true Arts, not like mechanocraft or apothocarian vialology or opticalliomatics or analytical gemmetria or translocal dowsing or even the questionable Arts of psychoempathy or mane forbid, magochimetrical circumlocution. see, as far as i can figure out, there are a whole bunch of raw bits & pieces. or at least two. probably more than two. but at least two. see, if there were only two, it wouldn't make a whole lot of sense.

see, you only get these raw forces unleashed by breaking apart the bits of their demi-matter. the best example here i can think of is fire-salt. you don't know what fire salt is? of course you don't, you still think rustmrik is real & living in sin with rudyam on the navigator's secret world. see, but this is the thing. if you get jiggering with fire-salt, you get what i'm calling "boooplasm." a pure, potent propellant. pow pow pow! right? you know, there are pirates that are goblins around here. i saw 'em once. no, no, boo-OH-plasm.

anyhow, there are at least two others, for a total of three. "iciclium" is what makes water turn into ice. i think this is really the second lightest of all three, since it is kept up in the sky by the trade winds most of the time. the lightest one, though, is the um..."zappalite." this stuff is so juiced, that it exsists in its natural state, all of the time! its what stars & lightning are made out of. there might be others. i think there are some that form into really weird crystaline patterns- at least, thats how i think apothocarian vialology obtains its bio-static effects.

so what i was saying about magic? its mojo is focused on the spectral. like tiny little razor blades, the wizards are taking the bussiness end of themselves, hooking them into the innately volatile connections between the demi-matter, & tugging as hard as they can till BOOM! but see, the other part, the stabilizing part? instead of just getting busted apart, it gets tugged into nowhere. which is how the demons are eating the worlds alive. at least, thats what i figure.

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