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she says i'm a little bit of a goth thug. (this book is like an empty swimming pool.)

this handsome devil here, author of the goblin manifesto, has run fresh out of tadpoles. & i've blown all my "not really spare cash but i'll pretend like it is" on liquor, so there is no point in walking to the alternative market to buy some more. it was worth it though, because like the pimp motherfucker that i am, i smoothed jenny's ruffled feathers with date night. i don't care what valence shell she's hovering at, we've got good chemistry. when i was little i tore up an old ladies rose bushes in order to have barbed wire for my fort, during a water fight. that is pretty much my motto on life.

I amAzathoth!

Known as the "Blind Idiot God", the center of all cycles known as Azathoth is the great void itself, infinite creation and inescapable oblivion made one. The Great God is without ego, as it has been embodied in a seperate consciousness as Azathoth has cast off the curse of self-awareness. Surrounded by the host of flautist servitors, piping the songs of the unknowable, Azathoth is not to be known by his aspirants. That is the purpose of another God...

Which Great Old One are you?

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