mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
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i want to start wearing a hat sideways on my head! i got this new hat, its all black with a sports-cap style rim, but there is a yellow dot with like, a tadpole silhoutte in it. it could be a sperm, were it not for the white "tadpoles a winner!" logo on the back of it, where the strap would go, if it wasn't a very expensive fitted hat. "tadpoles a winner" is going to be my new tommy hilfiger. for instance, a thing one might consider is the tadpoles ability to change into a frog- frogs turn into princes, & i am a prince. the connection is obvious, to a savant level organism such as myself. also, i have a jar of tadpoles, for afternoon snacking. i'm pretty sure that they die in my stomach acid. so i won't grow a tadpole tree inside me (boo.)

i am preparing to drink in moderation.

me & roxanne's head.

sometimes, i drink. a little. only in moderation!

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