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hey rube!

i'll ring toss yesterday onto cola bottles really quickly right here. nine & i went to eat chinese, which is probably what we'll have today as well. i ordered a bowl of tadpoles & rice, thinking it would by like my usual, all squirmy & writhing, but instead it came with peppers & onions & mushrooms. now, i can understand why someone might like mushrooms. they're weird fucking things, but could concievably please someone. i almost wish i liked them. but peppers? are inedible. there is nothing redeemable about them, & their oily taste gets over everything, so its not like you can just pick them out or off. anyhow, there were no movies worth seeing when we got out, so we came back to my place to watch some joss-verse & play video games. isaac came over, he & nine went to get liquor, & i cut my hair. i used the second longest attachment on the clippers, because i know jenny likes it longer. i just couldn't deal with it at that length any longer. long long longer. i'm not even speaking outloud & words are streaching out with gollum appeal. anyhow, they came back, we drank & played video games, & then isaac went to thursdays. i just was not feeling that; i may take a break from the whole scene for a minute. then nine & i had our geek slumber party. ceteceans featured prominantly in it.

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