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the liberals are the first to send their kids to the haunted house.

jenny is sarcasmo & i am monstrous mischievio. we've spent most of the time the only flies in each others' webs, with some occasional juke-box selection: antonio, his new squeeze tara, & phillip. today she bought me boxers with jellyfish on them, & also yellow ones with octopuses & blue ones with fortune cookies. i'm wearing the red polka dot ones now. we've been spending alot of time at jeremy's, looking after nixie & using his television. jenny told me i should drop out of school so i can just work out all the time & start fencing again & go to the shooting range at least twice a week. but thats why she's sarcasmo. all this talk of war just gets me a little blood thirsty. comon & dip your candy arteries over here, raggedy andy. i'll rend you apart & render you into crayons. so i can write prophecy & graphitti in your waxen body all over the walls. i want to discover airborne virulents with colour-ring in their name. green-ring seven (7), coming soon to subway stations near you.

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