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last night's dream was very strange. one of the girls from battle royale was mentioned in it. there was, i think, a reality show going on, & after the end of the world, they kept voting people off. while the bombs were dropping, people kept running off the end of the pier & swimming till they drown. traveling, i found a strange aztec-&-extraterrestrial temple, with spikes on the tops of the walls. inside were painted on stripes, placed there by nazi archeologists, trying to trace the path of the three virtues: harm, deceit, & pain. i tried to walk the harm path, but i accidentally wandered down a subway tunnel. the barrelling train would have killed me, if it wasn't for the fact that i had dreamed about being hit by a train before. after the train past, a sort of ghost in the shell tank got off it. i evaded it for a little, but it eventually cornored me near my tribe. by this time, i'd started to figure out things about the situation, the virtues, & i tried telling the others, but the train-tank kept kicking me, trying to crush me. telling me that my attempts to talk were worthless. when the pilot finally got out, she was a small japanese girl. we played a trivia game & she kept pinching my leg for good luck when she answered. after she got comfortable, i stabbed her in the arm with a shiv, & then kept stabbing her until she died. she was the scion of pain. now i was the scion of harm. the girl from battle royale was the scion of deciet.

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