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rasputin's chemicals.

in five years, this will all seem charming to me. being in my mid-twenties (23 & going on 24) & figuring out how to get my act together. finishing up fucking off in college, for example. i'm butter on a griddle for that, sliding from one end to the other. this week i'm competant, the next i'm a bundle of firewood with insects living under the shag of bark. i'm just at this annoying, akward point. where i can tell that i've gotten better at things, but i don't feel like i have. while i was in mentor, i got a letter that the school had sent, since actually sending important letters to the address i have on file, to my apartment, where i check the mail? that is apparently not kent state style. anyhow, the reason that financial aid & academic advising have been giving me conflicting reports (& mind you, i've been all turing breaking the enigma code) is because i'm not registered for classes. a chain of events like- financial aid hiccups, academic advising deregisters me, i talk to financial advising, i think it is all sorted out, academic advising doesn't reschedule me in the classes i had, financial aid doesn't give me money because i am not registered for classes. life is swell! its spring! there are birds in the air! (i'm chin turned down to the ground, glowerpower & portugese man-of-war.)

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