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space shuttle graveyard.

its been a long time since i've thrown up from drinking. to be honest, the carbonation had more to do with it than anything, but keep it on the downlow that i said that. i hate people who can't hold their liquor but pretend that they can. just like- is it really passing out if it comes at the end of two (2) days without sleep? i'll never tell. teke & i went over to filkliq apartment today, & ended up drinking with him & his sister amanda. not katie, who never made me dinner like she owed me. you know katie. the girl who keeps running away to new countries, getting engaged, & then leaving everyone? yeah, her. when she was in high school she dated the teacher that i played vampire: the masquerade with. he was also the guy who introduced me to tom stoppard. tonight, anyhow, everything was basically copacetic for the first round of drinking games. plenty of asshole. but then fil & i started talking about nelson, which brought up (among other things, like wrestling with him when he got knives) the old drinking game "drunk driver." i've been trying to remember how to play this game for years, because i havn't played it since tyson's first fight when he got out of prison. the first two rounds, fil & i were untouchable- like, one face card in the whole bunch. eventually, the game caught up with its reputation & jeremy & i tumbled like lincoln logs.(written last night by the light of the little engine that could.)

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