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spent time with cortney last night. & while sitting watching television & video games at jeremy's house was sort of quiet & i was thus a little akward, to the tune to asking her how she was doing over & over. earlier she had picked me up to go to her place & drink guiness & eat pizza. i make lots of stupid jokes about us, but its just my way of coping with things. i think she thought i was trying to put more dirt on the coffin. sitting there on the floor of her place, with the casual mention of how of course i know why she stopped eating red meat, half talking to her & half reading edward gorey, i think i realized that maybe we can be friends. (oh fuck, i just noticed that i forgot to call coleen at midnight.) i mean, i don't have very long in ohio before i go to new york, & she doesn't have long here till she & ted go to washington. before i draw the lollipop card from candyland & get ahead in the game. anyhow, i really think we can be friends, now. i wasn't sure before. look at that "while" lurking in the first sentence above, unconcluded, an ghost come back to haunt the rest of the paragraph. i shouldn't get my hopes up, because there is a nice yarn trail of these incidents. everytime i think we can start spending time together again, she vanishes faster than a prism bat dissapears behind a rainbow.

eventually, phillip & i end up drinking alone together after jeremy & his roomates & everyone else has either gone to sleep or left. we enjoyed watching jenny jones. is it just us, or is it extra weird to chastize your child because they dress like a tomboy if they havn't even hit puberty yet? i can at least understand older parents wanting to have their gender stereotypes validated through their children, but thirteen (13) year old girls & boys arn't all that diffrent even! phillip & myself are in a similar situation on this iraq situation. i don't think either of us wants to stand in the way of war & entertainment (so long so long) but we can't help but point out when people are being stupid.

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