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get a reciept. you've been written off.

so phillip came to bring me back to kent, like the mortal kombat fatalities master that he is. we only took a picture of these girls dancing at us in a car next door, which is a shame. a shame? why a shame? what legacy could be contained in the servent's chambers of the mansion? well, there was, for instance, a guy in his underwear standing outside fly fishing in the middle of the road. or, it would be fly fishing, if it hadn't been the middle of the road. i think i'll call him classy mcpatrick's day.

three notes on mentor, real quick. the only person there who was actually my friend besides jenny was allen. not to diminish mark or jeffrey, because i mean, we're friends, but when was the last time i saw them besides during convienant "oh you are in town" get togethers. okay, that is point one. point two is a simple one, too: i did not exchange any meaningful dialouge with theresa in any fashion, & exchanging goodbyes consisted of waving from across the room.

the last point is basically a "what the fuck leigh." at one point i thought she & i had something in common. & maybe we did. but she took the captive angel that it was, hitched it to the bumper of a pick up truck & drove it over gravel time & again. there isn't even artistry in her lack of grace. inapropriate topics aren't funny if you are just saying them for shock value, if there is no hook, no punchline, no sinker. you arn't even a good example of the franchise. no fiberglass statue stands outside you, & if you were a bar the only thing you'd serve would be cheap shots. if name dropping her ex-boyfriends is your idea of twisting the dagger, cloak of medea-ing me? if your idea of switchblade innuendo is to imply that i can't trust her with mark? consider all our conversations from now on a yawn.

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