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japan's secret underground is a sort of bone-scrapingly weird situation, isn't it? i mean, besides the post war inconsistancies, there is the quoting of subway stations that happens so often in nihon-chic media; it never occured to me to recognize its oddity. what was aum shinrikyo’s actual aim?

yesterday was fucking weird, not the least of it because due to opportunism & old fashioned gen-x ironic glitz, jenny & i spent it with the biologicals. first we went to benihana's for hibatchi & sashimi (after a few false starts at other restraunts- i can never remember that whole part about sushi restraunts closing for lunch) for my sister's twenty first (21) birthday. saying it like that leaves out alot of the bickering, but also neglects to mention that i got my mother drunk on sake & she made me steal the cups. then there was a little television & sneaking making out, until my mother came back with her boyfriend. i don't know don so much, but i do know the he was like, the sound guy for nine inch nails for a long time. because he's friend's with trent reznor's father. after that, we watched i, spy & ate poprocks, & despite what any detractors might say, that movie is really entertaining & also, i think jenny & famke do look alike; at least enough to be siblings? i like fictional siblings.

this morning jenny was really tense, leaving, because jeffrey wasn't here to take her to the airport. we stood out side while she actually wrung her hands. i don't think i'd ever seen that. we called his house & were told that his car was gone- so i told her not to worry. still she worried, because still no sign of jeff. so i called leigh's, on the outside chance that he might have stayed there, just to soothe her worries. which was where we found him & woke him up. no real worries, though, as we got to the airport with plenty of time.

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