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last night we all gather at mark's when he's done being a boy in mourning. there are shamrock shakes for a while. for a while its the annoyance circus, but eventually it breaks down into me & allen asking questions, while jenny sleeps with her head in my lap. would you rather have a giant scorpian to ride or three helper monkeys? would you rather be able to fly for one hour a day or have the ability to fall in love? would you rather eat a: menstrual blood pizza, a cum milkshake, breastmilk cheese, a hair pie, or a mushroom stuffed with toenails? leigh: "the worst thing about that hair pie is that it looks so good." would you rather sing the entire happy days theme song evertime you meet someone new, or vomit marbles? would you rather that everytime you went to your favorite bar your drinking buddies were five randomly chosen disney villians or five randomly chosen christopher walken characters?

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