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things that are super great include the smell of jenny's hair stuff, picking her up with jeffrey at the airport while i'm all stary night, eating spinach & sausage stromboli & walking around in the balmy weather, watching geese slide in well ordered neo-classical gardens, seeing dinosaurs & junk at the natural history museam & being able to steal expensive jewelry (even if she decides she doesn't want it), talking with jeffrey about him officially dropping out of the priest game, jenny switching into an incredibly sexy wife beater with a beer theme, the muddy beach, seeing mark, writing about a phobia of craters, smudged eyeliner in the shower. other things that happened include meeting my sister's thirty (30) year old boyfriend & picking up celery. shop & compare, m-mart shoppers! the only thing that sucked was photo album time. i hate pictures of me as a child, even if a sizable portion of them involve me with guns.

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