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so jenny is coming in to town saturday morning. she called to tell me that this morning. she'll be here to send mark off to kuwait & to see all the people who are gathering for leigh-ann's funeral. i should be arriving in mentor around five o' clock (5:00) tonight. i'm not sure how she's getting picked up from the airport: i'll call jeffrey & etc. when i get there. suffice to say i'm excited. then after she leaves on monday, she's back for five (5) days the next saturday. & since i'll be home anyhow, we'll probably go out to dinner with my mother & sister for elizabeth's birthday. things will be hectic, as there will be all kinds of people to see & funerals to go to, but here is the thing: it will be hectic with jenny. thats like a cloud of smoke or a pillar of fire to guide by.

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