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you lose your halo.

you know how in the movies girls throw their drinks in people's faces. oh gee wait, i mean my life. did i know the girl? who can say. maybe it was lindsey. this is the thanks i get for taking strangers drinks & mixing them together? man, no one has a sense of humor. then i fell asleep when her boyfriend was probably threatening me, maybe. or i mean, this is the word on the street. if by street you mean jeremy's, where i played video games & watched the x-men. its funny watching movies with jeremy because everytime there is an attractive girl, we both sort of sigh & say "man, i miss my girlfriend." girlfriend is a talismen i hang around my neck. i feel as though i am staying at a stranger's apartment while they are out for the week. for a moment i couldn't breathe. this isn't how the story is supposed to go. i throw up sometimes for no reason.

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