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tonight with filkliq i watched the ring, so i suppose this will be a record of my last seven (7) days, assuming that i understand the premise correctly. so consider me the experimantal group, & i'll consider, oh lets say sharpshinyclaws as the six (6) day group, as she watched it yesterday, & lets say ranai is the outlier, since she saw it in november. teke will be the control, as he has not seen it & agreed not to see it for the next seven days.

was it just me or did the movie watch like an x-men propaghanda film? "does you're child frighten you? does she manifest powers you can't understand? don't let this grisly fate happen to you...& her. enroll her now in the xavier school for gifted children!"

i don't know. i am going to compare every sort of film in the "weirdo horror" genre with house of leaves. even things that probably shouldn't be compared to this. i just prefer the clean cut lines of navidson's house to the decaying organic soup of this film. & i understand completely that diffrent things are intended. its just. well. i suppose that i usually place myself in the "other" context of these things. i go into the house. i watch the tape. & i like the hallways better than the well. i liked samara as a child, but as a half-rotten monster? i just wanted to hit her with a candle stick & see if i could knock her head clean off. that is, if telling her to "stop that this instant young lady" sternly didn't do the trick. comon, seriously, i couldn't stop thinking about how an adequate mutant father figure would have done her in good stead.

the fact that it was originally a japanese movie made the ending okay. i don't know how to express that, but diffrent cultures have diffrent standards of what sort of ending is literally satisfying.

i don't know. what is the challange rating on samara? what is the dc of her fear attack?

phillip & i also had a huge dinner, & learned how to play rugby! well, kind of. i mean, i can scrum with the best of them. but i mostly just rake, you know? & i saw phillip's younger sister, & in the tradition of mentor kids from '97 with younger sisters, in fact: phil's sister is hot. we read through her old roomate's diaries for a while, & man, was her writing illegible, in that scripty girly way, too. extra upstroke & everything. i thought she had written "yeast" when in fact she wrote "past." it sure was confusing.

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