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something like: step one. wait for allen price to make his debut. step two, pick up burke. step three: go to stacee's & eat shashimi with erika & hiroyuki & mona & etc. step four: go to party, scope out location & make initial presence felt. steps five-twelve. go to thursday's, symon is a no show, hang with issac, & as per usual, etc. then step thirteen. get colleen & shelia to come on adventure. step fourteen, drop off burke. stem cell research. i mean, step fifteen. party sucks- use bathroom, then leave. pass go, collect $200. step sixteen. lock shelia in aaron's bedroom. imagine our dissapointment. step seventeen. find out that tatu was on madtv & no one told me. imagine my dissapointment. i can't stop thinking about zombies. i wish i could sleep. i wish i lived in an oven & that candycanes were my street lamps. the girls keep saying i'm dimestore pulp villian. or at least agreeing. the people at the party who had it together were the muslims. why am i not surprised. hemlock, hemlock. amanti virosa. loch ness. baa baa black sheep, have you any wool?

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