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phallic gynarchy: homosexual
m caeli: only oral.
phallic gynarchy: oh, that's not gay then
phallic gynarchy: what up?
m caeli: not too much- waiting for a guy. maybe thursday's tonight. want in?
m caeli: maybe party, too.
phallic gynarchy: hmmm
phallic gynarchy: I'd be down, maybe
m caeli: shit yeah. gimmie yo digits.
phallic gynarchy: I'm down to zero cash, but I'm sure I can huff bathroom cleaners to get a good buzz on though
m caeli: true to form, i am also zero-g
phallic gynarchy: 555-5668
phallic gynarchy: but, that's what makes you M
m caeli: hot. i need to take a quick shower.
phallic gynarchy: k
m caeli: i will "jingle"
phallic gynarchy: cool
m caeli: if "jingle" is code for "masturbate in the shower" i will jingle twice.
m caeli: jingle, jingle.
m caeli: i'm motherfucking santa claus, asshole.
m caeli: comprende, comrade?

>>i'm moving to new york again. this summer, after i'm all gradumated.
> I need to visit Manhattan. I haven't been since the remodeling.

there is a bomb bar near the crater that i will sometimes go to.

>>> His usual screen name is MooCow. If you ever encounter anyone by that
>>>name at a con, accept that he is the dumbest sanctimonious fuck within
>>>seventy meters.
>>i will punch him.
> Don't stop there!

i will vader him.

>>the d20 modern looks genius. i'm currently running a d&d campaign, heavy on
>>the prestige classes. i wanted to do that crit= con damage, but decided
>>against, as the weapons are balanced the other way. play in a d&d game
> I'm using armor as damage reduction. So if a creature has +3 AC
>natural armor, I give the creature 3/- damage reduction, with each hit
>doing a minimum of one point of damage, and I take the +3 off the AC.

see, i like the opposite. less hitting, more hurting. i considered just doubling the range of all weapons, just to make players more worried when fighting people before they get all "oh, i have 100 hp." 100 hp gets cut up in huge chunks by, lets say, a mother fucking with a falchion what crits on a fourteen or better.

> The Call of Cthulhu D20 rules are a scream, to coin a phrase.

i hear they do magic with drain associated with it. sounds charming- i'm a big fan of the vile darness book.

>>> Chick scene is one dead hampster. I do have two girls I dated who now
>>>want to "be friends," which means they avoid me like a pit bull with
>>>the Black Plague.
>>do they at least occasionally put out?
> Fucking hell no.

mother fuck. did you try offering them cookies & candy? girls love that shit.


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