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these dopamine sparkplugs. (stitches on skulls.)

the desert where lightning makes glass & sandstorms are filled with spectres. the liquor stores are filled with robberies. every one dies behind the furnace. my vocabulary is filled with everyones & no ones. maybe i should dash some verbal garlic into the mix. some stars shine. coral & coals. some people drown when there head is under water. some orphans have lungs. some nights are ash grey & swollen. i sometimes can't tell the diffrence between the sounds "fade" & "fake." where is my time traveling phone boothe, rufus. tell me that with a face full of nickles. in rolls, in a canvas bag.

i have a box of 32 valentines. one of them says "indeed you are powerful, valentine!" then there are others. like "be my valentine! it is your destiny!" all those exclamation points are exhausting. jesus, look at that gloomy graphitti. i feel like a pilgrim. one, two, buckle my shoe.

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