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all i want is kfc & beer from a gas station.

they show up & they show up. stacee & hiroyuki & erika. then mafia. magic, magic magic; hiroyuki leaves & comes back with another girl in tow. then cortney comes. i wasn't going to call her today; she said she'd come, but i remained unconvinced. but i did call her, & twice, even. not that i spoke with her. but her & ted & angela & dyani all showed. colour me surprised. the colour of surprised is green & purple. when they came, we discovered the jaegermeister. i don't know. can cortney & me be friends, can we can we. the whole "better friends with ted" thing is still in effect. i don't know. do wounds heal? i don't believe it. there are conversational flinches. does anyone have a cell phone? etc. did i mention symon showed? & aaron, bearing myrh & pearls, girls & nothing more. symon, the surprise attacker, mother of my bloody hands. you will always, you will always.

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