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"brought to life by a child's wish, the snowman travels through time in search of death or glory."

this little piggie went to the moon, & this little piggie was given 85 to life in alcatraz, but this here motherfucker made himself the breakfast to end all breakfasts- a meal that will live in infamy. bacon, sausage, toast, eggs, cereal, milk, juice- this is what tucan sam means by "part of a complete breakfast." what has two thumbs & digs pork products? THIS GUY RIGHT HERE.

my dream last night started in a movie theater. a bunch of children filed in, & there were two screens, but all the chairs in the theater faced the one screen. on that screen they were showing a funny movie about camping, & all the children watched it, & i was one of them. when the children grew up, they all became serial killers or assassins or dangerous sociopaths of some kind. & they all went back to the movie theater periodically. there were two doors at the theater: the one had a sort of casper figure, only in black instead of white on it, & the children went in there. the other had a sort of cartoon devil on it; the adults went in there. that theater faced the other screen, which showed snuff films made at the sight of the camping film, seen out of the cornor of the eyes of the children. the adults saw the camping film out of the cornor of their eyes while watching the evil manchurian candidate film, so that the original programming was reinforced. like i told jenny when i was explaining the dream to her: "it was a good movie."

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