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kodan armada motto: victory or death!

!!! meanest phillip ever! takes away the "sunny delight (no affiliation with the trademark)" when he comes back for his beer, while leaving the parking pass in the refrigerator. but before we go any further, i'd like to dedicate tonight's butcher shop work to admiral ackbar. man, it is totally a trap. you fucking know it all.

m caeli: why don't you ever make sense?
m caeli: maybe it means i drink too much.

doesn't a wombat sound great? like, i don't know what it does, but i figure bombs of some sort are involved. & wombs, maybe. assault in general, basically, coupled with a fine display of arson. the only actual cool thing about wombats is their assault on the uk ecosystem, but i don't care. mutants down under for ever!

while i can still type, i fight on!

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