mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
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in the spirit of the esteemed hardwick & eastwood (two august personages of my immediate devising) i would like to mention a few facts- strictly in the abstract, of course. first; i am superior to aaron at metal gear solid 2: the sons of liberty in nearly every way. but he saves his games when he comes to a puzzle & then after he figures it out? he resets & then plays, to keep his time down. thats fucking bullshit. secondly, there may be a slight, very MINISCULE ammount of vodka in my blood stream. i cannot stress the fact that this is a small bac. i will be working on that percentage, as i do not have to go to class until 3:15 tommorow. thirdly, i am still the gingerbread man. next numberly, the girl on metal gear 2 of the top five worst girlfriend's ever? she's all five. um, there are probably other things.

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