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"sniper, save us."

this is just owned by the inclusion of the ten sided die (d10). but apart from that, for some reason i'm all "pouring forty's (40's) on the graves of my dead homies" tonight. also in the spirit of frankness, i am losing my mind. i'm not one so much for the constant drivel of the inner libido. i mean, healthy enough sex drive (i found out eventually) but sexual motivation? not really my thing. so its weird to be going insane from missing jenny this much. i mean, biochemically. i mean hormonally. i mean physically. i mean oh my fucking god if the thoughts "she's hot but jenny is hotter" go through my head one more time i'll- well, nothing, but i can't stop thinking about sex. we always joked that one day i'd go through puberty. i thought it was joking, not prophecy. oh & my eviction notice ruined my nice fluffy blanket.

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