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variations on tying a noose.

no d&d, but video games, movies about comic books, & monopoly.

i write down notes about my life on the backs of scraps of paper, the fronts with the numbers of people i'll never call. some of them are people i've meant to call. others of them are numbers attached to skulls, props with jim henson animated faces.

i havn't been to the gym in forever, & i don't like the way i feel. all milk fat & muscle-less.
so i'll change that. it dropped lower into the priority cue, what with "learn essential 'real world' techniques" being the big juggle. but i'm feeling more on the ball about things now; i'm a bear in a circus, maybe, but i think i might be able to swing a schedule that allocates time to lifting heavy things for no discernable purpose other than health & hard punches.

in the definate positive colomn, my hardcover copy of the silmarillion has been found.
on a related note,

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