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i think everyone in the united states simoultaneously figured out that joke where you make the nazi german salute but instead of seig heil or whatever you say "seek help!" sat in the lab today, megan & mary-ellen & doctor (dr) linda spurlock & i, just talking nonsense, noses tickling with the smell of glutaraldehyde. sort of made plans for the latter half of spring break with linda- a casual viewing of henry, our cadaver, if jenny is up to it, & then maybe to the bar, or dinner, or what have you. tenetive like.

& yesterday was enjoyable as well. kingtycoon was around by coincidence, so he came over to find nine & i halfway through a buffy episode. we hung around for a while, & got supper at mike's place. then we bored nine to tears with our gamer speak; he left to catch his bus, we ran into jeremy for a couple of minutes, & then kingtycoon & i went to the zephyr. no burke on door, but there were a few people i hadn't seen in a while. we drank bass & talked there, alternating between really good "profound" conversations & game stuff. talking to him about things pertaining to the real world is a good thing for me. like i said, some of his advice is really good, & other bits of advice are really bad (since i am, in many essential ways, unlike him) but it is always worth listening too. it was funny to place myself on one end of a spectrum & sharpshinyclaws on the other, with kingtycoon in the middle. i got myself a little bit out of my head in this fashion, & eventually called up jenny & was a lunatic.

in a short while i am going to confront the eviction issue, armed with a credit card & clean shave.

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