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a recollection. re-collection, i'm a suni & i've captured all the dew drops, but tripped while spinning. now its time to put them in order again. i went to the zephyr with stephanie & that was fun for a while, talking about her mostly ex at the other end of the room. burke was working the door & i kept churchmousing my way downstairs to speak with him. then ivanna showed up, & lindsey, & checkso, & joel- we were the table of bad kids in the cornor, sneaking drugs out of coat pockets when no one was looking. a guy came over to the table- jerod (jah-rod) & i'm not sure if i've met him before for real (perhaps while drunk & thus forgetful, or perhaps with this swiss cheese memory of mine he just sliped through the cracks like a succubus under a door) & he & i pretended to be old schoolyard chums. "i met him...shit, what, two (2) years ago?" "no, like, two & a half (2 1/2), because i met you at the begining of summer..." "oh yeah! & you were still under age & had to cruise parties looking for liquor." etc. at the end of the night, going home with ivanna as stephanie was engrossed in conversation, i stopped & gave him a hug & we talked about the jedi. on the way home, ivanna's car ran out of gas, so i pushed for a while until she insisted i stop & that we just walk. so we did & now everything smells oh so molotov cocktail.

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