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the plot of the dream is a simple cyberpunk video game one. the champion of the virtual reality fighting contest is secretly renown for his opponents dying at the end of matches with him. i am on a space ship heading to the far flung worlds, with several other unsavory characters. a video screen comes on as dr. spurlock begins handing out knives; it tells us that since we've all been declared enemies of humanity, we've been banished & had a price put on our heads, but since we've demonstrated kindness to non-humans, we'll be given a chance to fight it out in order to see who may be allowed back. the fight consists for a while of me asking for advice on how to use earthdawn's step system to simulate combat. at one point, we maroon dr. spurlock on an asteroid, but i say "no, we're just joking, we'll fight to the death." no one wants to arrange a tournament, so we all just fight in one big battle royale. i handily win it, of course. i take the ship to the world that hosts the galactic fighting championship, & while running down stairs i almost lose my slice of strawberry rubarb pie. at the building that hosts the fight, i meet the japanese kid who is the undefeated champion. i discover through talking with him that he has severe gender & identity issues, & he wants to actually finish his black program, which not only kills his opponents when he beats them, but allows him to take their bodies over. he says it is a shame he doesn't have to fight me. the kid who has progressed this far though actual tournament play stands up to say something. he is matt damon, & his two boston friends are there with him. the japanese champ punches him very hard in the face, breaking his nose. his two friends are astonished; there are flash back scenes to a very good will hunting sort of scenario. he asks them to try to punch him, & the try, & he simply catches or steps out of the way of the blow with preternatural celerity. he can do this consistanly- this is why they are so surprised when the champ hits him. the ask how he did it & he says "the same way he did it to you. by being faster than you."

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