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babylon, you shut your mouth!

yesterday almost turned into super 101 day, but there was a major let down during the last two thirds (2/3) of the operation. the lemmon merchant came down to kent for laundry fun, which means ending up at laundry 101 where they have a bar & a circa 1776 era arcade. i'd never really hung out with the lemmon merchant on any individual basis, but it was aloe smooth- we didn't even notice that until we were leaving the costume shop, where we went to find gold coins to add to his apartment's undead pirates theme. this was right after i tried to kidnap erica for happy fun time. as we were looking to the compass for what direction to go, we decided to just rent a game & stay indoors. our first choice, the yu-gi-oh! game, was not to be found in the four (4) stores we checked out, so we just rented the two towers game & too turned cutting orcs into tiny pieces while drinking stoli vanilla in ginger ale. until eventually i fell asleep on the couch & then he said "i am leaving, you sleeping fuck!" & he did & i went to bed. where i had weird samurai dreams set in the apartment my grandmother lived in while she was alive. & there were homeless goth girls living in the lobby, & a pudding smashing contest outside.

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