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for m, so you'll remember me while i'm gone. -edde

i'm sitting here giving aaron advice on girls. don't call your ex-girlfriend is the mantra i impose on him. & i spent tonight with the rampant occasional mention of jenny. & how i'm so lucky. weird night; hung out with nichole & denine, nichole's friend from nigeria, lindsey whom i've never met, mark who lived next door to me for two years, nichole's ex-roomate laura, denine's new girl amy who was in my cult films class, toby of mahabarata fame,, & the occasional passerby. lindsey & i were the only straight people there for a while, which was sort of cute. bonded with denine, which is weird, as last odd bonding was with michelle's, denine's ex. & amy is the girl she cheated with. all shrugs. we're drinking, i've got gravity, & i'm honest. & what comes out is that me & jenny are okay. i mean, similiar situations would often mean thrown verbal punches, out of my vast reserve of pent up anger over jenny. but there weren't any. you can't imagine how good she is for me, & how good she's been to me.

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