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ruminitions on a fuck-off day.

first off- on bill cosby's recent cosby show? i'm pretty sure i saw him salute an airplane headed tower-wards during the opening credits. & with the pudding, could he be a little more jonestown? clearly, this man is a threat. if you buy novacaine, you may be supporting terrorism. at least mork from ork has a clean bill of health when it comes to war crimes. he could have used his superior ovo-technology to dominate the earth with an iron fist, but no- the gentle hand of a cunningham taught him otherwise. he even eventually married & became a naturalized citizen into this big melting pot of ours. & latka, did he pack fertilizer bombs into his taxi cab to try to blow up new york city skyscrapers? no, not he- content to work for an honest wage in this crazy world, he eventually found love, even amidst the travails of his multiple personality disorder. lets reflect on them, & the true meaning of american patriotism. for shame, william cosby, for shame.

(i watched something like an hour & a half (1:30) of the hugley's today, & let me just say that dl is my fucking hero. & aaron is as good at beating psycho mantis as i am with the cyborg ninja. or also let me talk about pokemon or how fucking cold it was & oh? nobody fucking called me back. so aaron & i stewed around the apartment all day. one time i packed a can of dinty moore stew for a trip to new york. jenny is in alabama & has no cell phone reception so i didn't speak with her at all today except for when i sleepily told her i'd call her later this morning. you might say cooped up but when you'd se the scratches at the door frame you'd blanche at the literallism. but i don't care; little kid programming has me fingers crossed for the "flurries" report to be contradicted by the "big fucking blizzard" one. snow day! curl up hedgehog like around a playstation controller. & if i watch enough consequtive episodes of yu-gi-oh! maybe it will begin to make sense to me. plus, ash & pikachu have to get to blue city to have their water pokemon compete! & i tried calling cortney but didn't get ahold of her which basically leaves me in my traditional boat. a big aspen leaf shaped boat, i get so used to being left in it. cortney says: "lets be friends!" & for some reason i always think she means it. but today i was thinking about alot of the people i've hurt & discarded, & that brought a smile to my face. paved with skulls, paved with motherfucking skulls)

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