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she calls me baby & says kiss me like you mean it.

watched jaws before i went to antonio & roxanne's party last night, with more action, further action, fucking action with the a.p., the allen price. they had a fucking spread, man! i mean, cheese & crackers & all that shit, you expect it at one of their to-dos. you skip dinner because they'll have so much. but who could have forseen the ample ammount of shrimp that was there? already shelled & fucking everything. & apparently, the good liquor. once antonio moved into his room to, how you say, spread the mack (he wanted to show his cock to her) i was sort of "hello, third person in the room! weren't we just leaving?" & then i'd close the door to the room. & people, hintless, kept going back into the room! but the "what's a nigger gotta do to keep a door closed at this fucking party?" line seemed to seal it. gandalf staggered under the counterspell of the balrog, but if he'd used my closing remarks, it would have been all good. oh so then i passed out. oh so then they drew on my body. but then we went out to country kitchen with the industrial kids. & i made the girl with the craziest hair wash some of it off my neck. & they said "rachael? man, that girl was crazy!" & i said "i know it, it was so hard to break up with her...hard because she WOULDN'T LET ME BREAK UP WITH HER." & then we pushed up our glasses with our fingers & talked about professors. this is the second semester ever where i've actually felt like i was a college student. oh & i made jokes about roxanne not eating anymore. she says she eats 600 calories a day. i say that its okay, because she drinks the rest. people are worried about everyone, but roxanne understands why villians leave girls tied to train tracks. (the best part of the evening was talking about various stops on the f train with mike.)

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