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i want to run my fingers over jenny like she's an abacus. instead, i'll drink until i can sleep without dreams, for perhaps a few hours. erica & i were planning on maybe going to see the world's biggest cuckoo clock today, but she decided to sleep off her hangover, instead. so its portishead b-sides & left-over margaritas for me, till places seem safe. i'm not leaving the house until i see an anti-war protest short film from britian that is a parody of the blair witch project. whether or not one exsists yet. there are so many insects to perch within my ear & whisper sweetly to me. these girls in post-apocalyptic dreams have hair in corn-rows. but i only miss the contours of one girl's body.

can someone explain to me why i get updates on the parent's organization of a kent area catholic highschool? because i myself am utterly baffled.

Dear Friends,

I sent out the following response to the usual aganda notice for this month's meeting to express my dismay and concern about the condition of the school. I decided to send it to the wider group to spur some thought. I am well aware that many do not share my views but still feel compelled to try and get some useful exchange of ideas. In the interest of fair disclosure, I will state now that I've basically decided to remove my 4 school-eligible children from this school system, Read on...

Dear Lois,

OK.  I have a few questions.

This is a Catholic School right?  Why is there never anything regarding the Catholic Faith on these agendas?

Why don't we ever have retreats for the kids on relevant Catholic teachings?

Did anyone else notice that there wasn't even a Mass during the entire Advent season for the High School?

Did it ever concern anyone else that they play Eminem and Limp Bizkit songs at the dances - songs with profanity that includes the GD word - songs that advocate violence?

It seems to me that the difference between this school and the public school, besides the obvious cost is that it should promote Catholic values and teachings in every function and activity.

Does it concern anyone else when teachers or staff contradict Church teaching on faith and morals in the classrooms and don't get called out on it?

Discussions about food, buildings and secular social activities don't do it for me.  Building Catholic youth is what the mission of the school is supposed to be about.

I raised these issues with Mr. Corey and Father Walter.  The response was less than appealing.


Yours in Christ,

Steve Bowler

Hi Steve,

I truly believe that some of your statements about HCHS are incorrect. I'm
speaking from my experience as a parent of a St. Michael and HCHS student.

* The students do attend Mass during the school week and of course
during Advent
* There is considerable instruction and discussion about Catholicism
during the school year - it is my understanding that the students are
exposed, and rightfully so, to opinions that are not necessarily totally in
line with church dogma. The point is that they need to be able to understand
others' opinions and respond to them from a Catholic viewpoint. The school
does not autocratically deliver the church's message and I'm glad they
don't. Nothing would alienate the students (and many parents) more than
* There are retreats for the students
* These meetings are geared to operationally supporting the school -
there are other parish meetings for discussion and exploration of the faith.

Linda Marston

I agree with Linda.

- there are plenty of places to discuss the Catholic faith. PSHC meetings
have other important business to do. If you need to cast in this way,
taking care of our students is a very Christian thing to do. Whether or
not one discusses doctrine while doing good things is irrelevant. To blast
these people who do such nice things for our students seems quite unkind to
- I would prefer my children first be exposed to dissent in the Church
while in a Catholic environment. Even many Catholics in this country are
not in complete agreement with church dogma. In an educational
environment, these differences need to be explored and understood. I
personally would not send my children to a school that didn't allow
discussion and questioning of the Catholic dogma.
- while HCHS is a Catholic school, it cannot and should not neglect regular
academics for religion classes. I would say that the school is about
building Catholic EDUCATED youth. To do this, they need food and buildings
and books. Catholic teachings need not be part of math class.
- we may not like their music, but our parents didn't like ours... The
kids live in the world. I honestly have no fear that my son will resort to
violence based on listening to a song.

- maureen

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