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my evening, by m, age 23.

its like this. aaron has his date to go on, since its valentine's day. i've got nothing much but exhaustion (& i'm looking pointedly at my week) so i stick around. i eventually hang out with colleen, who has been promoted from bar friend to full on associate. she's never seen bladerunner, but is on her list, so we watch that. i'm pretty sleepy, but afterwords we go to the loft, where nichole & erica are supposed to be. nichole suitor, jeet, is gone, but we hang out & i invite everyone back to my place. ivana & stephanie & lindsey are no shows, though ivana & i kiss on the cheek & lindsey makes me kiss her doors of moria tattoo. we watch bring it on at my place while drinking margaritas. now erica is asleep- i made her sleep in my bed, because i'd rather i slept on the couch than her. she's just over there sleeping now. thats just funny. so my valentine's day. it feels ridiculous. especially because the girl i want to be spending the day with isn't around. i'm not particularly bothered by this- but notice that i said particularly. because every day i miss her like parapalegics miss walking.

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