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st. valentine, make sure she knows i'd cut off fingers for her.

here is the rundown, just so that i have a past to explain my current events. kingtycoon left his phone over my apartment, so he came yesterday morning to get it. we went out to all you can eat chinese for breakfast, he beat me at star wars monopoly, & then when ryan came, he left. ryan & i studied for our musculo-skeltal test, until eventually we were sick for beer, which we then drank, while watching battle royale, because if you are a person i hardly know, i will soften you up by making you aware that i laugh at carnage. in the literal sense. the beer i got was brooklyn lager. because of jenny, & how much i miss her. i miss her more than every anvil that has ever been built by acme. i stole an ancient artifact for her today. its a shitty piece of broken pottery, but its older than jesus. we know its old than jesus because of me & justin! we found its handle & told about it's luggishness. anyhow. after the movie, ryan left & then isaac & i went to thursday's, where i ended up talking to a fuckload of korean people. man, i totally was a friend to them, i'm glad for it.

this morning i went into my test, but late, right? because i am apparently really sick. i'm probably dying. my brain tumor has a middle name. but even sick, i went in to my test! i'm a villianous sort. i fucking studied, i didn't want to forget all that! but the test really sucked for me. most of it was out of lecture that i missed, & the study guide was really only for the practical. anyhow, after the test i hung out with linda spurlock & megan, & i didn't know megan was gay. good for her. i told linda that i sucked badly at her test, then we gossiped about everyone. eventually, i went down to the archeology lab to work on cleaning & assembling potsherds. justin & i got fed up with that for a minute & went to chipotle, but you better believe we don't shirk from bushes or cars. we found some pretty intresting artifacts, so we decided that we were good archeologists, & could go home to sleep. but i was lying! i really planned on coming to the internet. hello!

addendum: you know whats fucking weird? right now, its summer in australia. wtf?

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