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thinking about sex with jenny during class.

well, my sucktacular easycad site map is done, if by "done" you mean "i handed in something like a site map & am glad that he will allow us to revise it." but that said, now i get to do actual archeological work, albeit drudgery. in 1976, doctor (dr) seeman took over his position from the retiring orrin shane iii (3). orrin shane iii (3) took the site work from the heckleman dig, thinking that during his fading years he could write his book on it. two (2) years ago seeman wrote to him asking how the book was going. he was replied with a truckload of the stuff, zero headway made on it. amidst the catalouge & notes he found love letters, pumpkin seeds, cigarette butts, & all manner of debris. so while i am essentially just washing dishes by cleaning potsherds, i get a chance to try to puzzle out the cryptic, indecipherable code that orrin shane iii (3) used to organize his things.

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