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the doppleganger's shuriken.

everyone else on this ill-fated boat was too busy running around like crippled children, i had decided. distracted with numbers & lifeboats, women & children & who was obligated to go down with the ship. no one took those available moments to see the silhoutte stuck in that poison iceberg. & now it is the same thing, with this comet headed towards earth with the determination of a monk. lighting itself on fire with the sun rather than gasoline in city squares, incandescent. you can see that bilaterally symmetrical humanoid shadow. & she's not breathing. everyone in every city has an evil twin; the people in the countryside have two.

hammurabi came up out of the ground, surrounded by the lousiana swamp & innumberable alligators. spring heeled jack has been leaving blood on the floors of champagne rooms in the cleveland-akron area. marlyn monroe was around for a minute but she was pretty excited by the plethora of new drugs available, & didn't last long. chevy chase's career got up & danced with a skeleton, the bones a rickity clinking piano. a famous trailer park queen was brought back to life but john waters found her & now she's classified as a matter of national security. & you can't imagine the jelly fish. the shorelines are swamped with them.

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