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what the fuck sort of maniac decides that, eh, what the fuck, i can walk there. its only freezing cold. everywhere is just covered in snow. there are only biting winds. that kind? that is one of the kinds of lunatic that i am. apparently. i stopped by at the library to dethaw a little bit before pushing on to the next leg of the journey- the long tundra of the parade field. who's proper name i can't remember so dead alumn...i'm real sorry about that.

but in my silly roman achievement class we talked about tiberius' isolation on capri. & they mentioned that he had a mermaid in his palace. which is cute & all, but linda & i dug through the gore of broken vertebrae that she wrecked with a chisel so we could get to the meninges. & you would think the arachnoid would be my favorite, but that wasn't so intact, but the dura mater totally makes a snapping sound when you puncture it. so now i want to deliver spiral aenestisia. i'll be so nice & go to the l-3 vertebrae just to be safe, okay?

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