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let me sum something up this way. kiriyama is punk as fuck. or in long hand: see battle royale. its a japanese movie about school kids stranded on an island & forced to kill each other, which as you might imagine, is right up this polecat's alley. & who brought it over but allen price, a blast from the past. so i took him to a party. tris_tessa's party. you can imagine how i ragged on her to update again, not that she ever will. lets see what i accomplished there: well, claire didn't make out with that guy, but mark & i exchanged contact information for new york. & i really can stand that guy- i lived next to him for years. & i swung myself a conversation partner for japanese. it's erika, who once passed out on our floor & i had to fight to keep from everyone calling the ambulance. & oh i don't know. aaron says that high school girl was hitting on me. i saw new friend jen for the first time in a while, finally. this is all bullshit. i don't fucking care about last night at all. everyone is an army & i am the anarchist. i want to use everything in your house to devise the weapons i will use to maim & hurt you.

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