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not that i could begin to tell you what illscientist & i were doing, other than enjoying fine, fine cristal, & the favours of underage girls. i bet it was malicious.

last weekend was the first time jenny & i talked about how she was cobralingus. its completely funny that i'd forgotten about that. basically, jenny anonymously stalked my diary, & quoted from a book i wanted to read but didn't have a chance to get. a book that she gave me this christmas. & i knew it was her, eventually, & left all sorts of verbal traps. she says in her diary that i am such a sport, to continue playing along, & she is right, i am a sport. anyhow, i fell asleep waiting for her to call me back last night. which she didn't do, since she fell asleep too. i can't tell if i dreamed aaron coming into my room & telling me it was my fault he didn't get to make out with valere. i also finally cleaned my room, except for all the stacks of paper that have no home, & the dirty laundry in a big pile. my cold, cold room where i have to wear a sweater & wrap myself in blankets just to sit up. speaking of cold things, i started work on the human cadaver yesterday.

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